Main Exhibit Hall

Interactive Displays Present the History of the Big Red One

The Main Exhibit Hall of the First Division Museum presents the history of the 1st Infantry Division, from its prehistory in the Revolutionary War, Civil War, Spanish American War and Mexican Punitive Expedition, to its activation in World War I.

Inside, visitors find 10,000 square feet of state of the art interactive and experiential exhibits. They learn about the Big Red One and its roles in World War I, where it led America onto the international stage, and World War II, as it fought its way across North Africa, through Sicily, onto OMAHA Beach and across Europe.

Visitors discover the 1st Division’s critical task during the Cold War: standing as a deterrent between the Soviet Union and a free Europe. They also learn of the hardships and sacrifices endured in Vietnam, where the Fighting First spent five years.

Visitors follow the division to Desert Storm, where the Big Red One again served valiantly.

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