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French 75mm Field Gun

Note: This artifact is temporarily in storage and not currently on display.

This was the French Army’s main artillery gun during World War I. It was introduced in 1897 and was the first fully integrated quick-firing gun. It also had an innovative recoil system that made for a smoother operation.

When the US became involved in World War I, space on ships was limited and manpower had priority over heavy equipment, so American troops often used French heavy equipment, including this 75mm field gun.

After World War I, it was upgraded with pneumatic tires and improved ammunition and was still the French Army’s main artillery gun until the 1940s. France also exported this gun to many other counties in the 1930s and it was used in 1941 in World War II against the Japanese in the Philippines and in North Africa against the Germans.

Country: France
Shell Weight:
5.55 kg
Muzzle Velocity:
625 m/sec
Maximum Range:
Over 17,000
Maximum Rate of Fire:
15 Rounds/Minute

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