World War II

June 6, 1944: The 1st Infantry Division as Force O lands at Omaha Beach in Normandy France, and establishes a beachhead against overwhelming odds.

June 13, 1944: The Division seizes Caumont-L’Evente, 23 miles inland on a main highway crucial to the enemy.

June-September, 1944: The Division participates in the Allied drive across France against disorganized German forces.

September 3-4, 1944: The 1st Infantry Division reaches Belgium and captures thousands of retreating Germans during the Battle of Mons, Belgium.

September 12, 1944: Units of the Division cross the Belgium frontier into Germany.

September 13-19, 1944: The Division breaches the Siegfried Line.

October 1-10, 1944: The Division begins to encircle the German city of Aachen.

October 11-21, 1944: The 1st Infantry Division attacks and takes Aachen, the first German city to fall to the Americans.

November 16-December 4, 1944: The Division faces tough opposition in the dense, rugged terrain of the Huertgen Forest in Germany.

December 17,1944: Elements of the Division are sent to Elsenborn, Belgium to block the northern shoulder of the German offensive in the Battle of the Bulge.

December 18-24, 1944: The Division defeats German efforts to break through its defenses during the Battle of Butgenbach, Belgium. This heroic stand prevents the German forces from expanding their offensive northward during the Battle of the Bulge.

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